ERGO, With due respect to every religion , very caste , every tribe and every community.I want to say that ” reservation” – it refers to the protection of certain things for the needy or deserving. There arise a question , who is actually deserving?

GOING BACK TO 26. jan. 1950 when our constitution , which was completed months ago was launched . It clearly mentioned ” 10 years from now”. That is upto 10 years from the independence day these reservation strategies will be followed.

At that time that was the best decision to bring equality and secularism in a country where there were different social issues going on. People of several tribes were ill-treated . They were not allowed to enter the sacred places, sacred events and they were even restricted to every thing that another person of ” upper – caste communities”has always enjoyed. These things continued from one generation to another. When we start reading about the clothing style of people at that time , we would see the men and women of such communities were barred to cover there upper bodies . Whenever they were found to do so their upper cloth was torn off.  Then came ,Mr. Gandhi called them ” Harijans ” he himself cleaned toilets to wipe the disparities from the minds of people.

It became the need of that hour to reserve quotas for them and push them to get every thing they should  get as a citizen of India. In order to finish the caste system from its roots and to compel people to include them ” Reservation” was introduced.

Now we live in a nation where we have unity in diversity, we have our YOUTH with high ambition and aspirations. We make friends anonymously , we never ask them their caste or tribe before being friends with them. we provide every one equal opportunities .

Then why Reservation ? I am a girl born in a brahmin family , today we have cut offs for every thing . It feels bad when a person getting low percentage than you getting admission in the college you dreamt to be in. Now by keeping reservations aren’t we supporting the ideology of caste system. May the deserving gets the admission . Yes, below poverty line children should get fee concessions , should be given books and food . They can be helped in other ways also.

Why are we deprived of the opportunities we deserve ? will a lad getting 50% and getting admission in the college where people with 95% are sitting survive or do well? that lad will flunk. But a person with 89% of marks could have done it, to whom the cut off lists displayed the message “seats full for this category “.

But we won’t demand we will get that …. It’s okay .. But yes, i would say we know how to reach the pinnacle even after facing such obstacles . It feels chocking that what was established to abolish injustice has now became a mode of injustice.