” Ballads are always woeful”. Whining like a schoolboy , an innocent Lady . She restricts herself from falling in love .She can’t trust the man race with her life and more often making them an indispensable part of life . She is cautious at first.
Then comes a man on a white horse with his gold dust story tale. I can say may be a fairy tale .
The reluctant Lady started sharing everything . She started thinking about his happiness and caring about him . But, did she know that prince would be a beast ?  Did she know after getting so close he would eat all the confidence ? Did she know his dreams would be her but what about her dreams ?

The moment she started rising close . The problems started flooding . In such negativity where she was blamed for her “actions” which were rather “reactions” to stay with him . She took a decision practically to get separated but his male ego couldn’t take it , So very nicely he coped up and abused her to do what she wanted to , finding another trifling women wasn’t a big deal. She was left shattered , all her dreams , her ambitions everything were just the pieces of mirror which had been broken . Such pain , anxiety and negativity . Is that all she deserved ?  She asked herself a question – ” Am I born to be his soulmate ” – ” no , I am born to make the best out my life ” .

Rising up wasn’t an easy task . It is never . A step you put forward takes you steps back in the frame of memories , down the clouds , where abjured are the rationalist thoughts . The wet pillow covers and everyday tears became the part of struggle .Then she read a story –
” once upon a time there was a Scorpion, who usually bites . It was standing besides a lake . It saw a tortoise going through the lake . Since it wanted to cross the lake , it asked the tortoise to fetch it till the another end . The tortoise refused , it thought Scorpion always bites , same will be its case . Then Scorpion promised to not to bite . So it sat on tortoise’s back but as they were crossing , it bite the tortoise and said – ” that’s my nature and nobody can change it ” . So its our mistake if we go to change such people .
So , she asked herself
1. Can I change him ? Will he not do that again ? Will he respect me and my opinion ?
” as real life is far away from the dates and gifts my princess ”

2. She decided to fight her battle – fight a battle to make herself better .

3. She decided not to look back . But I would teen this as an emotional suicide . The scars won’t heal but the wound will get better ever time she would succeed

4. Just push all the barriers . Just never let anything in between , an ambitious women needs to reach the pinnacle .

5. Heartbreaks are the first step to success.

6. Always stay positive
” Forgive them even if you don’t want to
Accept an apology that you never got “. Start moving further without Any negativity that would destroy you .

7. Toxic people are a part of life that do us wrong and make us strong .
If it isn’t meant to be it will never happen , if it has to happen nothing can stop it .

Rise beautiful – what are you waiting for ? Rise above the mountains there is a spark in you ..

So .. Her rising begins  . and there is no looking back



Stand against both physical and emotional violence

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