ERGO, With due respect to every religion , very caste , every tribe and every community.I want to say that ” reservation” – it refers to the protection of certain things for the needy or deserving. There arise a question , who is actually deserving?

GOING BACK TO 26. jan. 1950 when our constitution , which was completed months ago was launched . It clearly mentioned ” 10 years from now”. That is upto 10 years from the independence day these reservation strategies will be followed.

At that time that was the best decision to bring equality and secularism in a country where there were different social issues going on. People of several tribes were ill-treated . They were not allowed to enter the sacred places, sacred events and they were even restricted to every thing that another person of ” upper – caste communities”has always enjoyed. These things continued from one generation to another. When we start reading about the clothing style of people at that time , we would see the men and women of such communities were barred to cover there upper bodies . Whenever they were found to do so their upper cloth was torn off.  Then came ,Mr. Gandhi called them ” Harijans ” he himself cleaned toilets to wipe the disparities from the minds of people.

It became the need of that hour to reserve quotas for them and push them to get every thing they should  get as a citizen of India. In order to finish the caste system from its roots and to compel people to include them ” Reservation” was introduced.

Now we live in a nation where we have unity in diversity, we have our YOUTH with high ambition and aspirations. We make friends anonymously , we never ask them their caste or tribe before being friends with them. we provide every one equal opportunities .

Then why Reservation ? I am a girl born in a brahmin family , today we have cut offs for every thing . It feels bad when a person getting low percentage than you getting admission in the college you dreamt to be in. Now by keeping reservations aren’t we supporting the ideology of caste system. May the deserving gets the admission . Yes, below poverty line children should get fee concessions , should be given books and food . They can be helped in other ways also.

Why are we deprived of the opportunities we deserve ? will a lad getting 50% and getting admission in the college where people with 95% are sitting survive or do well? that lad will flunk. But a person with 89% of marks could have done it, to whom the cut off lists displayed the message “seats full for this category “.

But we won’t demand we will get that …. It’s okay .. But yes, i would say we know how to reach the pinnacle even after facing such obstacles . It feels chocking that what was established to abolish injustice has now became a mode of injustice.













” Ballads are always woeful”. Whining like a schoolboy , an innocent Lady . She restricts herself from falling in love .She can’t trust the man race with her life and more often making them an indispensable part of life . She is cautious at first.
Then comes a man on a white horse with his gold dust story tale. I can say may be a fairy tale .
The reluctant Lady started sharing everything . She started thinking about his happiness and caring about him . But, did she know that prince would be a beast ?  Did she know after getting so close he would eat all the confidence ? Did she know his dreams would be her but what about her dreams ?

The moment she started rising close . The problems started flooding . In such negativity where she was blamed for her “actions” which were rather “reactions” to stay with him . She took a decision practically to get separated but his male ego couldn’t take it , So very nicely he coped up and abused her to do what she wanted to , finding another trifling women wasn’t a big deal. She was left shattered , all her dreams , her ambitions everything were just the pieces of mirror which had been broken . Such pain , anxiety and negativity . Is that all she deserved ?  She asked herself a question – ” Am I born to be his soulmate ” – ” no , I am born to make the best out my life ” .

Rising up wasn’t an easy task . It is never . A step you put forward takes you steps back in the frame of memories , down the clouds , where abjured are the rationalist thoughts . The wet pillow covers and everyday tears became the part of struggle .Then she read a story –
” once upon a time there was a Scorpion, who usually bites . It was standing besides a lake . It saw a tortoise going through the lake . Since it wanted to cross the lake , it asked the tortoise to fetch it till the another end . The tortoise refused , it thought Scorpion always bites , same will be its case . Then Scorpion promised to not to bite . So it sat on tortoise’s back but as they were crossing , it bite the tortoise and said – ” that’s my nature and nobody can change it ” . So its our mistake if we go to change such people .
So , she asked herself
1. Can I change him ? Will he not do that again ? Will he respect me and my opinion ?
” as real life is far away from the dates and gifts my princess ”

2. She decided to fight her battle – fight a battle to make herself better .

3. She decided not to look back . But I would teen this as an emotional suicide . The scars won’t heal but the wound will get better ever time she would succeed

4. Just push all the barriers . Just never let anything in between , an ambitious women needs to reach the pinnacle .

5. Heartbreaks are the first step to success.

6. Always stay positive
” Forgive them even if you don’t want to
Accept an apology that you never got “. Start moving further without Any negativity that would destroy you .

7. Toxic people are a part of life that do us wrong and make us strong .
If it isn’t meant to be it will never happen , if it has to happen nothing can stop it .

Rise beautiful – what are you waiting for ? Rise above the mountains there is a spark in you ..

So .. Her rising begins  . and there is no looking back



Stand against both physical and emotional violence

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Life – What happens to you while planning everything else

When all the hopes and everything you desire walks away from you , then that’s the door of the entirely different world waiting for your arrival. Yes, I am not a kind of a happy person who would fake around about the bright colours of life. Rather i would be the one bringing in front the harsh realities of life.

It is often said while you are gearing up your head completing your graduation degree ( especially engineering ) there are alot of things that happen to you that change you completely . Sometimes the rainbow and the pot of gold are on your platter and sometimes the thunder shower. The most simplest that i could quote is you know how to deal with pressure. this is the only area in the practical world where all the engineers would excel that’s working under pressure.

But when you are going through all this, when you are trying to create a balance between your personal problems and building your professional career you suddenly realise… OHH My God .. life has changed. something that happened when i started reading biographies of famous  leaders . I got acquainted with a fact there is much more going outside the reach of our personal life that we need to know and care about. we need to stand for ourselves and for others , if we really want to make this world a better place to live . This is where i sat for a while and thought _ ” Is this what i really wanted ?”  this was the point i got satisfied with the fact that life is what happens entirely opposite to what we have thought about it.


There i realised  all what happened during my life was preparing me for all what i wanted to do .. Those best friend betrayals , those heartbreaks and those competing  women , those committed mistakes , all wrong choices were just making me grow as a better person in life .

so there i would say never loose hope , never give up just keep rising . Now i am focusing on broader issues of life and psychology. Let life surprise you , tease you but just make the best of it . I will be coming up with a series of these aspects everyday


Feedback is always welcome and anything you are feeling troubling your life do share with me

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